Tile Backer & Floor Underlayment

Cem-Rock® - Top quality cement board

as a Tile Backer Board and Floor Underlayment

Cem-Rock® cement board is an ideal solution to use as a tile backer or floor underlayment, also in all wet areas.

12mm thick board is a perfect substrate board for tiles, especially in wet areas like shower trays or bath tubs surroundings.

6mm board can be used as a floor tiles underlayment when installed over plywood subfloor.

Cem-Rock® is water resistant and mould resistant, so it will not have to be changed in few years time due to degradation caused by moisture or mould.

Board is suitable for the following applications: 

  • Timber frame and steel frame structures
  • Walls, soffits and ceilings
  • New builds and refurbishment projects

To download technical sheets and see all benefits of using Cem-Rock® board, please follow the link to the product website